Why Many Consumers Are Waking Up to Their Power Quality Issues: The Next Generation of Energy Ep.1

Joe Piccirilli, CEO of RoseWater Energy, chats with Daniel Litwin about how the coronavirus pandemic has awakened many people to the fact that they need to do something about their home power quality.

A dropped Zoom call here. A brief internet outage there. When millions more Americans were working from their offices, it would’ve gone unnoticed. Now, with so many more working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are waking up to their power quality issues.

“We didn’t really notice power quality issues, because we weren’t home,” said Joe Piccirilli, CEO of RoseWater Energy. “During the day, when we’re normally at work, is when our electrical system is taxed the most. Anything that went on in the home, there was nobody there to notice. Now, during the COVID era, for the last … 16 weeks to 20 weeks at this point, people have begun to notice.”

While the bulk of RoseWater’s focus has been on residential clients, more and more businesses are coming aboard as they enter a digital era in which they need documents instantly and can’t wait for a transition to a backup in the case of a power outage – something RoseWater’s product eliminates via battery technology always powering the inverter.

“We’ve noticed that now law offices, doctors’ offices – anybody who is storing digital information where secure, always available information has to be there – have become a great deal more interested in our product,” Piccirilli said. “Because our product guarantees perfect power. It is not just a battery backup. It is not something that just an enabler for a renewable. Our product guarantees that the power output of our device feeding your home is always perfect, regardless of input.”

That’s needed as the pandemic has more and more people working from home, something that most thought leaders agree will be more frequent even in a post-COVID world after the pandemic provided something of a proof of concept for many businesses. None of that works, however, if the devices we utilize don’t get the juice they need or get it in a good enough quality to make sure we can work our best.

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