The Home Office Model Hinges On Power 

In this short segment from Pro AV Today, host Ben Thomas and guest Joe Piccirilli from RoseWater Energy dive into the evolving landscape of work, emphasizing the pivotal role of reliable work systems in shaping the future of our professional lives.

The world of work is undergoing a transformation, moving towards a hybrid model that blends remote and in-office activities. Many individuals are seeking a balance that leans more towards the comfort of home. However, for this to become a reality, your home office setup, including your network and communication systems, must work at all times.

With tech failures at home, achieving that sought-after balance between home and office becomes a challenge and employers may demand more in-office presence. Joe Piccirilli highlights a compelling trend where people are investing more in power solutions, despite the prevailing notion of softening sales. This paradox underscores the increasing importance of dependable power systems in enabling the modern workforce to thrive.

“The Home Office Model Hinges On Power ” soundbite from Ben Thomas’ Pro AV Today podcast with guest Joe Piccirilli from RoseWater Energy


You hit on a key point. We see it … I mean, without going into the remote work conversation. What has happened is people are moving towards a hybrid model. And there are a lot of people who would like the balance to move more towards in-home than in-office. And in order for in-home to work, those systems, your network, your communication better be up and running. Otherwise, you don’t get to have that home and office balance because everybody will demand that you work, you got to be in the office. And we do see a lot more of that happening. Ultimately, I think that the trend will continue. It won’t be a work at home trend, but it will be towards that hybrid model where if I need to, I can work at home.

I look at our sales. In the commercial world … or in the residential world. You read everywhere, “Oh, sales are softening,” or “everything is softening.” Yet, we’re finding that people are spending more budget on power than ever before.

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