Predictive AI Is The Future Of Efficient Power Use 

Join us for an interesting excerpt from Pro AV Today, where host Ben Thomas engages with Joe Piccirilli from RoseWater Energy, exploring the remarkable capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the context of power management.

Joe Piccirilli is an advocate for AI, recognizing its incredible ability to take us to places we couldn’t have envisioned before. He dispels the notion that AI will replace human beings and instead highlights its potential to revolutionize power consumption, particularly within residential settings. Imagine a scenario where your home’s power infrastructure includes multiple inputs such as renewables, batteries, generators, and power conditioning.

Joe paints a vivid picture of how AI can step in as a reliable ally. By effortlessly sensing factors like the number of occupants and weather conditions, even a moderately sophisticated AI system can make real-time decisions about power allocation. It could intelligently prioritize using solar energy when conditions are favorable, reserve excess energy to charge batteries in anticipation of cloudy weather, and more. This conversation underscores the transformative possibilities of AI in optimizing power management, making homes more efficient, sustainable, and predictive.

“Predictive AI Is The Future Of Efficient Power Use” soundbite from Ben Thomas’ Pro AV Today podcast with guest Joe Piccirilli from RoseWater Energy


Joe Piccirilli:

I love AI because it can take you places that you could not have imagined before. And I am not one of those people who thinks that AI is going to eliminate the need for human beings. But when you think about your … let’s think about from a power consumption point of view, power into the house.

If you have multiple inputs, if you have renewables, if you have batteries, if you have a generator and you have power conditioning, the ability for an AI system … and it wouldn’t take incredibly complicated AI. But an AI system to sense how many people are at home, what’s the weather? And then say based on conditions at this moment, most of your power should be taken from your solar. Use some excess power to keep your batteries charged because we expect clouds coming later. I mean, it can become predictive.

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