Power is the Foundation® of your home


“Kevin and I love having RoseWater in our space. While we do have power outages, we never know when it happens because our internet keeps running and our lights stay on. Power management is an emerging category in the luxury technology space, and we’re definitely ahead of the curve on smart energy because all things energy are moving in that direction.”

Chris Matthews, Principal,
Acoustic Design Group, Scottsdale, AZ


“I saw the HUB as the first product in an important and cutting-edge category capable of solving critical problems for my company, new clients, and existing clients. It provides 100% clean power on a large scale. I knew my clients were struggling with power issues and there was no other solution even close to RoseWater in terms of surge protection and clean power delivery with zero transfer time, let alone the ability to integrate a renewable energy source.”

Jeff Galea, Boca Theater & Automation, Boca Raton, FL


“Everyone at RoseWater was so accommodating with every aspect of the job. They helped me sell the unit to my customer and really enabled me to become the power expert to the homeowner, property manager and the electricians. After the Hamptons Hub was in the home a few months, we went back and ran comparison service reports for this client from the previous year. Amazingly, our service calls were reduced by 80% which is a huge savings for our client and us!

My client was so enamored with the difference the Hub brought in the reliability of the systems and the audio performance improvements, that they wanted one for their home in Manhattan.”  

Nick DeClemente, Elevated Integrations, Armonk, New York


“In this HUB installation, we needed a firmware update and discovered that we had a defective inverter communication board. Since perfection does not exist, one way to judge the quality of a company is how they deal with problems. RoseWater was great. They did the diagnostic, flew in the part, and got the unit up and running. We also had a special 3-phase electric need and had an incoming voltage issue that RoseWater responded to after hours and immediately corrected. RoseWater’s primary concern was the satisfaction of our customer. They were constantly protecting our client relationship – and we value that in a partner.”  

Don Dixon, Definitive Electronics, Jupiter, FL


“Besides providing the constant clean power needed to safeguard the delicate equipment, the Rosewater Hub also provided use of solar energy to charge the battery pack during the day. In addition, the RE provides a direct 9-hour power source in case the emergency plant fails. Hence, providing a solid power redundancy for critical equipment (in our case refrigeration, low voltage systems, and AV & security systems among others)

Installation of the equipment was flawless and directly supervised by Mr. Piccirilli.

The system has been running for the last three years and I do not even know it is there. RE monitors the system online and anticipates any service requirement, software, and firmware updates among others.

In a nutshell, I only have my highest praise for the service, technology, and system RE installed in our residence.”

  Benito Z., Key Biscayne, FL (end-user)


“A recent system we installed has half a million dollars in technology integration. With all that tech installed, we have only had to go out to their home because they wanted to add more fun stuff.

Not a single service call in over six months – and that’s just not heard of if we are all being honest. We can see the anomaly events while monitoring the Hub and it’s doing exactly what it should.”

Lamar Gibson Miestro Home Integration, Memphis, TN


“As an avid audio-video enthusiast over the years, a substantial investment in high-end equipment has been made to enjoy it. These types of equipment are very sensitive to power and electrical issues. Power company spikes, lightning and dirty power from generators can damage this equipment and cause expensive repairs and downtime. I suffered through this for many years even with store-brought battery backup and surge protectors.

After a particularly expensive repair, my AV dealer, Sound Components, suggested the Rosewater Energy product as a solution. We installed it between the Main Electrical panel and a dedicated circuit breaker panel for all my AV equipment. This absolutely ended all damage from electrical issues and as an added benefit, improved both audio and video performance due to it providing clean stable power 100% of the time. Highly recommended for anyone who wants peace of mind on these issues.”

David G. Jupiter, Florida (end-user)

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Hub in garage

Power is the foundation®of your home!

Traditionally the infrastructure of a house was divided into three broad categories: mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. With the emergence of more and more electronics, powering those products is essential. If power fails, the house is affected. Watch the video to find out how the RoseWater Hub can be the power foundation of your home.

Find out more about POWER Plan and Community POWER Plan to bring Power Optimization With Energy Resilience to your next projects.


According to the EPA, about 96% of the lead and plastic in a lead-acid battery is recycled for reuse. Lead-acid batteries are also closed-loop recycled, which means each part of a battery is recycled into a new battery.


An all-in-one residential power quality and energy management solution integrating industrial-grade power purification and battery back up with remote monitoring and solar integration. This high-performance system delivers peace of mind.

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