solar box


The RoseWater HUB SB20 Energy & Storage System™ is an all-in-one residential and light commercial power quality solution integrating three industrial grade capabilities into one platform to serve the complete power quality needs of an entire premises.

  • Power conditioned output protects and enhances the performance of all home and office electronics. With power quality higher than utilities, sensitive audio and video systems as well as home networking components, home automation and lighting control systems will perform at their best and last longer.
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply with zero transfer time, and a large amount of battery backup will safely and securely allow you to ride out power failures.
  • Industrial grade surge protection to mitigate the damage caused by naturally occurring weather anomalies.

The SB20 offers a seamless total system integration solution in one pre-assembled, configured and integrated industrial-grade platform. With everything integrated, prewired and tested, the potential for installation and set-up problems is greatly reduced at the job site.

HUB SB20 Dimensions
84” H x 28.1” W x 26.25” D



Extended Battery Pack (EBP)
The HUB has the option for up to two Extended Battery Packages (EPB). Depending on the home size and battery load this can extend power for several more hours, days, or potentially indefinitely.

Extended Battery Pack (EBP) Dimensions

84” H x 28.1” W x 26.25” D


Solar Box 10 (SB10)
The SB-10 Solar Box can be added to allow it to accept solar power inputs.