RoseWater Energy Takes Its Highly Acclaimed Courses on the Road.


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RoseWater Energy Takes its Highly Acclaimed Power Management Courses on the Road, Bringing Dealer-Focused Education to Several Industry Events

Coming off a series of at-room-capacity power management courses at Lightapalooza 2024, RoseWater Energy continues to enlighten systems integrators on the technology, solutions, and business opportunities of one of the integration industry’s most promising emerging categories.

PLANTATION, FL – March 25, 2024 RoseWater Energy, a leader for more than a decade in advanced, professionally installed power conditioning, energy management and storage systems for luxury homes, is hitting the road once again to lead a full agenda of educational sessions and panel discussions at several industry conferences. The “2024 RoseWater Energy Education Roadshow” kicked off at Lightapalooza in February with at-room-capacity attendance at every power-focused session during the two-day educational track. The noticeable interest level combined with the many problems associated with dirty, unreliable electrical power underscores the need for continual education of the CI channel on the topic. RoseWater Energy is well-positioned to provide this crucial thought leadership.

An innovator of technology and power management systems, RoseWater Energy supports its dealer customers with education, guidance, service and support, from initial exploration of the category to completion of full-scale projects. Attendees of RoseWater Energy’s objective, brand-agnostic conference sessions, presented by Joe Piccirilli, RoseWater Energy CEO and founder and power management evangelist, receive a well-rounded, thorough explanation of the technology, the various solutions, best installation practices and sales and marketing advice. Piccirilli’s practical, information-packed courses cover the fundamentals of electrical power, the importance of clean, conditioned power to the performance of a home’s electronic systems, and how to develop and execute a proper and profitable “Power Plan.”

“As antiquated power grids struggle to meet the electrical demands of high-tech homes, solutions that combat damaging surges, spikes, voltage fluctuations, and outages have become a vital foundational element of modern homes,” Piccirilli says. “We want to help integrators get into the business, scale their operations accordingly, and build revenue from this promising segment of the systems integration market. A thorough education is the first step.”

Systems integrators eager to learn about the rising demand for full-scale power management systems and how to expand and grow their businesses by embracing this important product category can attend RoseWater Energy’s educational courses at the following events:

  • HTSA Spring Conference, March 25-27, Fort Lauderdale
  • Azione Spring Conference, April 10-12, Orlando
  • Power-focused dealer training hosted by manufacturer rep agency, Hill Residential Systems, April 16 in Philadelphia and April 18 in Washington D.C.
  • Architechnology at TOLA Expo, invite-only power-focused education for architects, builders, designers and other specifiers, May 7, Dallas
  • Power-focused dealer training hosted by SAV Digital Environments, May 9, Big Sky, Montana
  • Power-focused dealer training hosted by Premiere Systems, May 29-30, Chicago
  • Power-focused dealer training hosted by manufacturer rep agency, Srateres, June 10, New England

To learn more about the state of electrical power in the U.S., its impact on home technology, and solutions that clean, condition and regulate incoming electrical power to ensure optimal performance and longevity of connected devices, please visit

About RoseWater Energy:

RoseWater Energy understands that Power is the Foundation® for any smart home. The company designs and manufactures a complete solution providing both power conditioning and consistent energy, as well as surge and lightning protection for the main power source, solar input, and battery backup, along with analytics and remote monitoring in a redundant industrial-grade system made for large, high-end residences and commercial environments.

Committed to building Simply the Best® energy management system on the market, RoseWater Energy Hubs work 24/7 and are always providing clean power in any situation – including during normal grid operation as well as grid spikes, surges, brownouts, or power outages. RoseWater Hubs are built with full power conditioning functionality and zero-transfer-times between power sources. These unique features enable technology integration professionals to reduce or eliminate a plethora of unnecessary and expensive client service calls due to power issues and instead, provide peace of mind. White-glove support ensures a successful outcome. RoseWater will work with authorized integration firms to help design, build, integrate, and manage a custom Power Plan™ specific to the needs of each project. For more details visit

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