Where are all the honest energy brokers?

Welcome to another insightful episode of Pro AV Today! In this engaging conversation, your host Ben Thomas sits down with the industry expert, Joe Piccirilli from RoseWater Energy, to explore the challenges within the energy management industry.

In a world divided by electricians, battery backup specialists, renewable energy enthusiasts, and power conditioning experts, it’s no surprise that we often find ourselves working in silos with different self-interests. The burning question is: How can we ensure optimal energy management performance when building commercial or luxury residential facilities?

Join us as Joe Piccirilli delves into the crucial role of the “honest broker” in today’s power solutions landscape. Discover why synergy among these diverse experts is essential for maximizing the performance of any input.

Joe brings his extensive background to the table and emphasizes the need for custom integrators in the residential sector to broaden their knowledge base. While there may be a few individuals like Joe who are dedicated to this cause, it’s clear that a larger cadre of experts is required to truly bridge the gaps in the industry.

“Where are all the honest energy brokers?” soundbite from Ben Thomas’ Pro AV Today podcast with guest Joe Piccirilli from RoseWater Energy


Joe Piccirilli:

There is the electrician who is on the utility side who sometimes sells a generator. Then there are battery backup people, and then there are renewable energy people, and then there are power conditioning people, and we’re all siloed. We don’t talk to one another. And in many times, we’re at cross purposes because of self-interest.

So how does a person building a facility, either commercial or a luxury residential, how do you get the honest broker? How do you get them to work in synergy so that you are getting optimal performance for any input you use? And that, today, I think is a role that needs to be filled. And I am partial because of my background that it will be filled by what we call today, custom integrators in the residential world, that are going to have to expand their pallet of knowledge.

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