The Genesis of Innovation: The RoseWater Energy Story: The Next Generation of Energy Ep.3

Once upon a time, Joe Piccirilli, CEO, and Mario Bottero, COO of RoseWater Energy saw an opportunity to invest in home energy solutions. There is a need for a reliable and efficient power conditioner, power backup and surge protector for homes.

“Unlike the products we saw out there,” Bottero said, “which was a lot of companies working backward, and saying they need to sell a product, but it can only cost 25 grand, and what can we build for that money, we looked at the problem and said we need to sell a product that’s going to work.”

But the journey to that solution wasn’t short. It took four and a half years before Piccirilli and Bottero had a product worthy of selling and solving the power problems people were having.

“People thought the next generation of energy was going to be solar and a battery, and that was going to cure the ills of the grid,” Piccirilli said. “From the very beginning, our perspective was we weren’t sure that approach was helping anything, and it may be making the grid even worse.”

While many said they were crazy, Piccirilli and Bottero stuck to their guns to make their solution a reality.

Piccirilli said RoseWater looked at creating solutions the made sense for all of the players, including both the consumer and the utility company.

“The question is, what does energy look like not just tomorrow, but five years from now, 10 years from now? You can’t just say we’re going to take down the grid. That’s not going to happen,” he said.

And RoseWater’s mission to keep solving energy problems for people will evolve with a constant focus on what they can improve in the future.

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