RoseWater for 2023

Energy storage is on the rise in nations around the world as a result of the global energy crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But even before this event, energy storage was on the rise as more homes, companies, and governments turn their focus on power-quality, a measurement which helps systems use energy more efficiently. As power-quality becomes more known, how is this changing the energy market for 2023 and beyond?

On this new episode of The Next Generation of Energy, host Tyler Kern chats with CEO of RoseWater Energy, Joe Piccirilli, about the future of the energy given the spike in attention to power-quality in recent years. Kern and Piccirilli go over:

  • How the market is expanding with power-quality at center stage
  • What a look ahead to 2023 will bring for RoseWater Energy as more and more households start to pay attention to power quality and energy reliability
  • New marketing strategies that RoseWater will implement for end-users and dealers for growth into the future at RoseWater U.
  • Which new products are in the works and what they might bring to the table

“We are quite optimistic about RoseWater for 2023, and we think even if the market contracts, our market will expand because it is now becoming much more of a focal point in a home. It is becoming, ‘Wow, in order for me to enjoy the benefits of everything else I’ve put in my home, I’ve got to guarantee the power is good,’ so, we’re projecting significant growth despite possible economic downturn,” said Piccirilli. 

Piccirilli has been with RoseWater Energy Group for nearly twelve years. Prior to his role with RoseWater, Piccirilli was the Managing Director with AVAD LLC. He is a graduate of the the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

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