RoseWater Energy Unscripted: Like AI, Give The Right Prompt

In this excerpt from RoseWater Energy’s podcast, Joe Piccirilli emphasizes the importance of clients engaging with system integrators or electricians to effectively address their energy needs in their homes. He encourages clients to initiate discussions about their goals and requirements, as this is where the role of an energy integrator comes into play. Piccirilli is passionate about transforming Rosewater dealers into energy integrators and believes in the power of prompting the right questions, similar to how AI operates efficiently when given the correct input. Energy integration, he suggests, thrives when clients ask the right questions and actively participate in the process.


Joe Piccirilli:
I think that the best way a client approaches this is really when they’re talking to their system integrators or to their electricians. Some electricians are very capable of doing this, is to say, “Wait, this is what I want to accomplish in this home. And we need to have a long discussion about what I need to accomplish these goals.” That’s what an energy integrator is there to do. And you have to prompt that as the client. You have to prompt it. I am trying to develop all Rosewater dealers to become energy integrators. I’m preaching this. Sometimes I’m Sisyphus pushing a rock up a hill, but I’m working on it. But that is, it’s almost, I was sitting through an AI lecture and they were talking about how AI works best if you prompt it with the right questions.

Bobby Brill:
Correct. Yes.

Joe Piccirilli:
And that’s how energy integration is going to work best. The client has to prompt people with the right questions.

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