Peace of Mind: Protecting Your Smart Home Investment and Ensuring Power During Storms and Outages

In the modern digital age, we have grown accustomed to being able to accomplish a wide variety of tasks from our homes, or on our phones.
From shopping to research, watching TV to listening to music, controlling our environment to locking our doors, we want to do everything we can from anywhere we want. To provide this control, we need complex high-speed networks and a huge number of microprocessors. One of the more frustrating issues with complex networks and the proliferation of microprocessors is the number of times things must be rebooted or replaced. Up until recently, the equipment or the installation has been made out to be the culprits. We have since learned that often the real culprit is poor power quality. Microprocessors of all kinds function best and last longer when the voltage and current they are fed is not only uninterrupted but constant in value. If we could provide a constant supply of 120V power our products and systems would perform far better and last much longer.
The RoseWater SB20 Courtesy photo
You may now be saying to yourself, “My power seems fine, what do you mean?” Yet, when I ask people if they notice lights flickering or dimming, the television picture almost going dark or displays lighting up for apparently no reason, they all respond yes. These are all symptoms of power fluctuation. Because we have not invested enough in new infrastructure, the growth in the number of high-rises and homes, our demand for more power is increasing. Couple that with the fact that it is virtually impossible to build a new power plant. It is no wonder that power quality in North America is degrading. So, what can be done to solve the problem? That is the question my partners and I asked ourselves when we started RoseWater Energy in 2012. We began our research by finding how “mission-critical” facilities ensure perfect power quality. As we went down that road, we learned that “perfect power” meant different things depending on the application. So, without getting overly technical, we took what was available and improved upon it. Beyond that, we also wanted to make sure that we created the most complete power quality solution available. So, we added protection from lightning strikes, high capacity battery backup and the ability to charge those batteries using a renewable energy source. The result is the RoseWater SB20. Whether you want to protect your smart home investment or to ensure you will have critical power available during or after a storm, RoseWater Energy is the solution you need – it’ simply the best. Read more about RoseWater from our clients, Boca Tech and Automation and Elevated Integrations. Both case studies communicate the peace of mind brought to our customers and the reliability brought to these technology installations. For more information and to learn how to protect your home or office with RoseWater Energy, contact us at (954) 467-8050 or
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