RoseWater Unscripted: How RoseWater Hubs fit into the project budget

In this episode of Unscripted, CEO and managing partner Joe Piccirilli discusses why RoseWater products should be budgeted a power foundation, not as part of the AV or low voltage budget.


Hello, my name is Joe Piccirilli, and welcome to another episode of Rosewater Unscripted.

Today I’d like to address a comment I’ve heard from a number of dealers, and that comment is that if I include a RoseWater in my proposal, I will appear to be far too expensive. I’ve wrestled with this for quite some time, and I continue to think about why that is. And then it dawned on me that from a dealer perspective, and from a client perspective, this product, the RoseWater, may be considered part of the AV or low voltage budget, when in essence it is far more than that.

So I began to think, well, wait, how do you position that? What does that, how do you take it out of, okay, it’s part of this little, or it’s pigeonholed into this budget, when it truly isn’t? Because power quality, power conditioning, these are foundational products that affect far more than any single subsystem in a house. So it would seem to me the way it should be dealt with is really, it should be categorized. And the way in a proposal I would think about categorizing it, obviously in many of your proposals you put lighting and lighting control as a subset of your proposal. You put entertainment as another subset of your proposal. Some of you put shades in, certainly networking is yet another subset of your proposal. And I think that yet another category that should be included is power foundation. And power foundation is very similar to the foundation, the physical foundation of a house.

If the structure is built on a poor foundation, the structure will crumble. I mean, obviously, not to make light of it, but there is a building here in South Florida that made the news a few years ago on the beach where it was discovered that the cause of the building collapse was a poor foundation. And really, a RoseWater product or a product like a RoseWater is that foundation. If that foundation crumbles, everything built upon it or around it will crumble.

So in order to not appear to be more expensive than the next AV guy, the next integrator, you position yourself as I am providing something that most other people don’t provide and that is a solid foundation on which to build the information highway of your residence. I hope that helps.

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