Cost and value are the two determinants when making a product or service decision. Joe Piccirilli, CEO of RoseWater Energy, knows this as both a consumer and dealer in the energy sector. Piccirilli shared his perspectives with Host Tyler Kern about how dealers and consumers can approach these determinants for energy products.

One main reason integrators may be unwilling to discuss RoseWater products is because they fear losing a project by giving the impression that products may add high costs. Piccirilli explained that dealers must reassess their duty to the client by asking themselves, “How can I present a series of facts to the client so that client can make an appropriate value judgement?”

The client also needs to realize that products with more expense hold value. This is challenging, because the client personally defines value, and many might think, “How much is it worth if that equipment functions properly at all times regardless of what utilities it provides?” This is not the salesperson’s job.

“We are the aggregator of information. We have to present that information in a cogent fashion so that our clients can allocate an appropriate budget,” Piccirilli explained. “If I’m an expert in this field, the only way I can prove my expertise is to let people know that I know every product available. I know what the very best is and I know how you can get by for very little money.”

RoseWater Energyoffers information about product categories and specifications, including video clips and articles on how to present products. Content should be completed by the end of December. Piccirilli also welcomes comments from dealers and clients, which shape future podcast topics. You can contact him at