Occasionally, system integrators tell us that they are unwilling to discuss the RoseWater Energy product with their prospective clients. Because they believe the price point could cost them the sale by making them appear expensive.

Although I can understand the fear, I think it is important that we take a step back and gain some perspective.

As an expert, your clients expect that you understand and can offer the full range of available solutions for every aspect of the job. You should know what the very best product for each category is and what makes it the best. You should also know what the next best products leave out or don’t do. By presenting your client with that information, they will be able to make a value judgment based on their priorities. Because of that, you should absolutely be factoring a HUB SB20 into your initial proposal. If you are not including energy management and storage in your proposals, with the frequent power anomalies that occur across the country, it is almost negligent.

No one can be expected to make a value judgment without understanding what the very best product offers and what you give up by choosing a lesser option. And your client deserves to know these options.

Your client’s values determine how much of each thing they give up are worth. Many of your clients can afford the HUB20, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the solution they need, yet they should know it is an option and the VALUE it can bring to the project and their lifestyle.

What is important to your client is what should be important to you.

For example, if you need to buy a bulldozer, don’t you need to know the full range of performance and price options to make an informed decision?

By presenting the best options, your client can decide what they value most. Your clients expect the best from you, you should expect the best from yourself as well.