On this episode of The Next Generation of Energy, Host Tyler Kern talked with Joe Piccirilli, CEO at RoseWater. They dug into some of the lessons Piccirilli and RoseWater have learned throughout the years regarding installing products among other things. They also drill into the market forces in the current energy industry.

“When RoseWater began, products that were considered power products were really based in recs,” Piccirilli explained. “They were really small and had really small capacity. We at RoseWater were convinced that ‘now is the time to build something that was substantial that could back up a panel.’”

In the beginning, they thought a 100 amp panel would be enough to back up critical loads. This was bigger than anybody else was offering, and everyone thought they were crazy. They started with a 100 amp and 200 amp product. Most services for a very large home start at 400 amps, so the 200 amp would cover half the house.

They thought the 100 amp would be their leading seller, but they discontinued the product after six months. The 200 amp ended up being their sweet spot because it allowed a subpanel of critical loads that people wanted to protect.

“Once we started convincing people that it wasn’t just backup power … but it was about power quality,” Piccirilli said.

Listen to hear more from Piccirilli and insights on the energy industry.