RoseWater SB20

Power is the foundation for all that we do—especially in mission-critical applications. RoseWater’s SB20 Energy Management system (the Hub) ensures critical systems never go down and integrated products are always protected.

The Hub combines industrial-grade energy management tools into one platform that provides power conditioning at a 120V/60Hz sine wave 100 percent of the time. This level of power conditioning means that the microprocessor-laden products installed will operate at peak performance and last longer. The integrated UPS has a zero transfer time with a robust battery backup (28kWH minimum) to ensure mission-critical applications will ride out any power failures. The Hub can take two direct lightning hits and still operate to specs, although those affected varistors will need replacement.

In most instances, users will only be aware of any power anomaly occurrences when reviewing the online logs or looking directly at the Hub’s video panel. With remote management, tech managers are notified if there is an issue or outage. The remote management portal allows you to see the power quality on the input side, view battery run time, and manage/shed critical loads with instantaneous load recalculation.

The SB20 offers an integration solution in one pre-assembled, configured, industrial-grade platform. RoseWater works with tech managers to correctly spec the right-sized Hub, which is installed by RoseWater’s national installation team.

Tech managers will have peace of mind knowing that the control room, ERP, security systems, medical applications, or other mission-critical system is safe with RoseWater’s SB20 at the foundation.

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