Education is the highest form of marketing. Shannon Maverick sets on out on a quest to speak with business leaders from around B2B to better understand how they are utilizing education with their customers.

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Becoming a trusted source is key to marketing success.  When companies utilize community outreach as a cornerstone to marketing it fosters a strong, enduring, and mutually beneficial relationship.

Shannon Maverick, host of Maverick of Marketing, spoke with Joe Piccirrili on how to build trust with customers and clients in a digitally dominant world.

Joe Piccirrili is the Managing Director and CEO of RoseWater Energy Group.  He has a long history of entrepreneurship that began in the 1970s with the start of a stereo retail company.  In a marketing world that was focused on advertising price, Piccirrili concentrated his efforts on becoming a citizen of the community. This approach was incredibly successful and he repeated this tact again with a distribution company years later.

In 2012, Piccirrili saw the need for a reliable and stable power supply for microprocessors and other electronic equipment that are sensitive to power fluctuations.  RoseWater Energy Group was born and once again the marketing strategy was to build a community relationship and become a trusted resource.

Piccirrilli spoke about different ways to build this community trust and engagement.  He recommended talking to the press, getting on professional panels, community organizations, and participating in trade shows.

“It is extremely important,” said Piccirrili when it comes to becoming a citizen of the community. “It’s a long haul but i can think of nothing more valuable you can do because it creates synergy with all of your messages.”

Maverick and Piccirrili discussed how the technological transition has impacted marketing.  The COVID pandemic has accelerated an already existing trend of digital transformation.  Marketing in this remote manner is more difficult.  Demonstrating empathy, engaging audiences, being a good listener, and showing that you and your company are not self-serving is more of a challenge without in-person interactions.

They also spoke about strategies for marketing new products and mentoring new sales staff without face-to-face meetings.