I want to share some simple reminders for these unprecedented times. First and foremost, you should be emailing or calling your clients asking about their wellbeing. Ask them what you can do to help, even if it’s outside of your business. We’ve all heard the mantra “we’re all in this together” and “sales are about building relationships”. Make sure to combine the two.

Your email or calls should be realistic yet positive. There is already more than enough negative news. Remind your clients that their health and safety come first.

Once the crisis subsides, you will be able to ask your clients what would have made weathering the crisis easier. A better network, better power or more bandwidth? Then work with the clients to make that happen. I would suggest doing it immediately after the crisis dies down. You want to identify the issues while it’s still a pain point and be top of mind with your customers. Which means you should be thinking about those communications now when you have time so you’re ready when you see the clouds parting and can hit the ground running. Using this crisis for your benefit may be frowned upon yet benefitting from the crisis being over is good business sense.

Also, now is the time to communicate with your vendors – let them know the state of projects. Even a short message that you don’t have an update is better than no communication at all. It is not a secret that times are difficult for everyone and this communication will also go a long way in solidifying your vendor relationship. We all need to know what is happening in the field and you are best positioned to provide those details.

Socially and professionally I think we’re all a little concerned how this will play out. But if you can, this is the time to do that special project, or that marketing initiative, case study or that white paper, whatever that project is that has sat on your ‘to-do’ list for a very long time and you’ve never been able to get around to it. Likewise, this may be a really great time to reach out to your commercial clients as many facilities are closed and it’s optimal timing to do those jobs that can’t be done while the facility is occupied.

RoseWater is open for business and here to help you in whatever way we can. Please feel free to reach out to me at joepic@rosewaterenergy.com.