The infrastructure of a home is built somewhat like a layered cake. At the top of the cake is Client Satisfaction. In the early days, we concentrated on making content look and sound good. We built our businesses around video and audio.

Then we figured out that we wanted to control the content, where it would go, and when we would view it. Since we were good at managing content, we began to envision what else we can control. We began to shift our business emphasis to whole-house control systems.

The more we controlled, the more critical the network became. In truth, the network became a source of client dissatisfaction. To continue to ensure client satisfaction, we had to have a much more robust network. We could no longer rely on inexpensive routers and switches, concluding we needed to provide high-speed wireless access over the entire property. Our businesses had to add networking expertise.

We now realize that Power is the Foundation™ upon which the entire infrastructure is built. It is the bottom layer of the cake. No matter how good the other layers are, if the foundation is not strong, the cake falls. In the past, power quality products have been targeted at the rack level, protecting the individual pieces of equipment residing in the rack. As we have gotten involved in creating a much broader swath of the infrastructure, there is a need for products that can protect at the panel level.

We, at RoseWater, have been at the forefront of designing the most complete, highest quality Residential Energy management product in the industry. Our product, the SB20, is the only product that provides:

  • Perfect power at all times (zero transfer time)
  • Protection against lightning (military-grade, non-sacrificial)
  • Large scale battery backup (up to 86kWh)
  • Renewable integration (up to 10kW of solar)
  • Panel level protection (generally backs up a 200-amp panel)
  • Significant redundancy to protect against failure

The RoseWater SB20 is not only the most complete product of its kind, it is also the best.

To ensure complete client satisfaction, you must start with a solid foundation. RoseWater is the best foundation product available.