Imagine if you will a new product that is not an upgrade of an existing product, enhances the performance, longevity and reliability of everything else you have already sold and will sell in the future, solves a real and growing problem and, most importantly, will build more trust between you and your clients.

Power quality in North America is getting worse. An aging infrastructure, the difficulties involved in building new generation facilities, combined with a growing population are just some of the factors contributing to the worsening power quality.

As we add more and more automation to a home the effects of poor power quality become more severe. All control, security, lighting, communication and entertainment systems are adversely affected by power quality issues. Those effects can range from temporary shutdowns to outright equipment failure. And, of course, the client rarely will blame the utility for those problems, they will blame you.

By adding the imaginary product to any household:

  • You could guarantee perfect power regardless of input.
  • You could provide large scale battery backup to insure long run times in case of power outage.
  • You could actually protect against lightning strikes.
  • You could provide the ability to integrate renewable energy for even more run-time in a power outage.
  • You could do all of this at the panel level
  • And most important, you can create greater customer satisfaction and trust.

The product I described is here now – the RoseWater SB 20.

“Simply the best.”