NY integrator reduces client service calls by 80 percent using the RoseWater Energy Hub.

Elevated Integration has a long term-client who has an extensive custom electronics system in his Hamptons home that was piecemealed together rather than pre-planned. For instance, the client started with six security cameras, then added 12 more, then a few more on the other side of the property. Soon, Elevated Integration CEO Nick DeClemente was managing a 120-camera system. The same “planning method” was used for the audio/video, distributed audio, lighting, control, and other systems in the home. As the systems and service calls grew, Nick realized he needed to get the infrastructure beefed up to support the plethora of products it supported. He knew many of the service calls for rebooting gear were due to the inconsistent power that is common in the Hamptons and suspected that was the culprit behind most of the issues.

DeClemente headed to CEDIA Expo in San Diego in 2017 during the midst of this project, and happened by the RoseWater Energy booth. ”The huge black box with the glowing blue lights drew me in,” says DeClemente. “I started talking to the guys at RoseWater and it sounded like the Hub could be the solution to the Hamptons house problems.” But, like many first-time dealer experiences, Nick wondered if he could convince his clients that the Hub was worth the price and if he could prove to them it would solve their problems.

After the show, Nick continued conversations with RoseWater about the issues with the Hamptons home. “Everyone at RoseWater was so accommodating with every aspect of the job. They helped me sell the unit to my customer and really enabled me to become the power expert to the homeowner, property manager, and the electricians. After the Hamptons Hub was in the home a few months, we went back and ran comparison service reports for this client from the previous year. Amazingly, our service calls were reduced by 80 percent, which is a huge savings for our client and us!

RoseWater’s Joe Piccirilli (left) and Nick DeClemente of Elevated Integration.

“My client was so enamored with the difference the Hub brought in the reliability of the systems and the audio performance improvements, that they wanted one for their home in Manhattan.” This is a trend RoseWater has seen with several of its dealers. Selling one to a homeowner usually results in multiple sales to those same homeowners for their other properties, or from neighbors after hearing the success it’s had.


”Another benefit I receive from the RoseWater Hub is regular power anomaly reports. The reports tell us about the power outages, surges and sags over time intervals. I was blown away to see how many incidents occurred and the Hub just took care of everything. The client never knew they happened. My client loves seeing these reports. Those reports are also a valuable sales tool for future clients.

“The RoseWater Hub is the only product on the market that does everything needed to keep the power and the home electronics healthy. I’ve looked at other UPS or battery products and they just aren’t on the same level as the Hub. And, the support the RoseWater team gives should be the industry standard. It makes my job so much easier to have a vendor-partner like them. They are genuinely happy to work through every question or issue and support me through every step of the job.”

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