A few years ago, it became clear to us that power quality issues were creating real problems for our clients. Unfortunately for our industry, clients blamed the equipment we installed or the installation itself for the problems, not the Utilities. We were hearing that people were annoyed with their home automation solutions because of the required continual service, which at most was extra bills or at least an annoyance.

That led us to ask ourselves the questions that follow:

Why does power quality seem to be getting worse?

  • Infrastructure is getting older.
  • Hard to build new power plants.
  • Houses are getting bigger.
  • Apartment and condominium living is getting more popular.

Why is power quality important?

  • Microprocessors and electronic equipment in general work better and last longer with consistent, reliable, high quality power.
  • As houses become more automated, they require more microprocessors.
  • The consequences of microprocessor failure are becoming more and more consequential.
  • Failures lead to client dissatisfaction.
  • Our clients tend to blame us not the utilities.
  • If we don’t let our clients know about the problem and the solution, it is our fault.

What are the elements of power quality?

  • No sags.
  • No surges.
  • No outages.
  • Low distortion.
  • Eliminate lightning strike damage.

How do you prevent poor power quality?

  • Sags, and surges can be eliminated with a double conversion inverter or a transformer.
  • Outages can be prevented with a double conversion invertor combined with battery backup, renewable integration and a generator interface.
  • Low distortion needs the highest quality inverter coupled with sophisticated filtering.
  • Lightning problems are best mitigated by a combination of MOV’s and gas discharge tubes. In other words, find out how mission critical facilities did it and copy it,

The answers to those questions led us to design and build the most complete, highest quality power management device available today.

The RoseWater HUBs are the only all in one device’s that offer

  • Complete ultra-low distortion power quality
  • Zero transfer time UPS
  • Large scale battery back-up
  • Renewable integration
  • Built to industrial “mission critical” specifications
  • Protection at the panel level.

Why RoseWater?

Simply put, it is the best device of its kind available today.