RoseWater Energy Group, a provider of next-generation integrated energy management HUBs, announces their latest installation with Sound Components, a South Florida custom installer of high-performance audio and video systems. Sound Components integrated RoseWater’s HUB SB20 Energy and Storage System to protect high-quality, sensitive audio systems from diminishing power quality and power disturbances.

With over 40 years in business, Sound Components provides clients with whole house audio and video systems, home theaters, home automation, high-performance music systems, and lighting and shade control systems. Sound Components’ installation team is highly skilled to stay up to date with emerging products and technology, including the RoseWater HUB SB20 Energy and Storage System.

“Energy management is an emerging field, and there’s not another product on the market that addresses everything like the RoseWater HUB SB20 does,” said Bill Petters, President for Sound Components. “We became a RoseWater dealer because we understood the need for a product like the HUB SB20 in an emerging category, such as energy management. Our most recent installation of the HUB SB20 emerged after our client experienced a decay in their high-end audio system due to disturbances found in traditional municipal power. Since installing the HUB SB20, our client’s transformer was struck by lightning and the system continued to operate flawlessly without affecting their sensitive electronics.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Sound Components to provide their customers with reliable energy management and power protection systems,” said Joe Piccirilli, Managing Partner and Founder of RoseWater Energy Group. “As municipal power continues to decline and integrators incorporate more microprocessors into each home, it is imperative to include an energy management system that protects sensitive and expensive electronics.”

The HUB SB20 Energy and Storage System features zero transfer time while intelligently managing all connected power sources for optimal usage at the electrical panel level. The HUB SB20 Energy and Storage System incorporates technology that outputs 100% clean power regardless of the source – utility, generator or battery without having the added worry of natural disturbances and grid faults. The HUB SB20 Energy and Storage System serves as a central location for grid produced and battery power with the ability to transition from one energy source to another, seamlessly.

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