Many integrators have shared a common complaint with me: Because they are the low voltage installers, they are introduced to a project after most of the planning is complete and the budget has been allocated. In practical terms, that means integrators are always fighting for floor space and money. In that environment, it becomes increasingly difficult to present high quality, reliable power management products because the budget has been exceeded and the client is overwhelmed by cost overruns.

So, the question becomes how can integrators get involved earlier in the project planning process? One way is to become a power quality and energy management expert. Once you have established your knowledge on power protection, quality and management, you are brought in at the electrical design phase of the project. And, you are given a higher priority for space and budget allocation.

By engaging the client in a conversation about power quality and the effects of poor power quality on the equipment in the house, and through presenting a high quality, whole house panel level solution to those problems, you have established yourself as the power and energy management expert for the entire project. Because your solution covers more than the equipment you typically install, you are granted early access to space and budget.

How do you become a power quality expert? Through becoming a dealer for the RoseWater Energy HUB. Our team will take you through the selling, specifying and installation process. Initially, you will work with our esteemed team to understand the product details and sales, and through that process you will develop the expertise necessary to become the “go to” power quality person. If you have an interest in getting involved in the design process earlier than you do now, call RoseWater and lean about our product.