By: Jim Guido, Vice President of Sales for RoseWater Energy Group.

During my 3+ decades in our industry, I’ve noticed a common theme amongst dealers. “There is no way I can sell (fill in the blank)!” CD players, home theaters, touch panel automation, projection televisions, automated lighting, etc.

In each case these products started out as new options in large system and transitioned to components of a project we could not imagine excluding. All these technologies replaced lesser products for the benefit of our clients.

In today’s market I see the same trend with power perfection, protection and reliability devices. Given the ever-increasing reliance on power quality for integrated systems to work properly, energy management devices are no longer optional in large systems if we want to keep our clients happy. A small but growing number of integrators see this problem and the need for a solution. RoseWater Energy has that solution.

Over the past two years I have travelled the country meeting with many integrators. The following are questions that are being asked by dealers to initiate a conversation about power and show clients the benefits of including power management in their project.

  1. “Have you ever noticed a power flicker in your home?” That is an obvious sign of poor power quality. Take a moment at an early stage to discuss something the client probably has not considered, the effects that poor power quality will have on the enjoyment, longevity and performance of the system they are purchasing,
  2. “If I were in your position, would I want the peace of mind and security that a RoseWater Hub brings?” Peace of mind is not just about making everything in a system work better and last longer, it is also about security. When there is a lot to protect, it is generally understood that there is a price to keeping it safe. Look at “high net worth” clients and their security measures. There are few things that do more to keep a client secure then perfect, always-there power.
  3. “Is the RoseWater Hub what they really mean when they say UPS?” Our Hub is truly an UNINTERRUPTIBLE power supply. Not sorta, not sometimes, not kinda, but ALWAYS. It is unlike anything else in the marketplace. No one else can match our quality of power, reliability of that power and telecom/military grade protection from surges including lightning. If it is considered “mission critical” it should be powered by a RoseWater Hub.
  4. “Given knowledge of power quality in the area, how will that issue affect the security and longevity of the system, and peace of mind of the client?” All over the country it is traditionally affluent areas that are having many of the biggest power issues. The local power grid was installed long ago and every week houses are demolished and replaced with dwellings 10 times as big, yet the electrical infrastructure remains the same.
  5. “We know that clients are receiving competitive quotes. If other integrators are not speaking about power quality, they are doing the client a disservice? Asking about power quality will set apart a dealer as the person willing to tell the truth. Many of our most successful dealers understand this and hence very early on in the conversation use this as a first step to include a Hub in all new construction and major renovation quotes over a certain dollar amount. This continues the conversation and shows the client that this is a dealer who is serious about making their home a “cut above”.
  6. “How does the RoseWater Hub compare to traditional industry power solutions?” Comparing our Hub to traditional industry solutions is like comparing a window AC to a well-designed and executed central air conditioning system. I thought of this comparison when I was recently in Montreal for a heat wave. Temperature and humidity levels were similar to Florida, where I live. However, given their climate, Montreal has obviously focused on heaters. They have air conditioners that are wholly inadequate for the unusual conditions. In Florida, we have well-designed and integrated whole house AC’s that keep us comfortable no matter the outside conditions. Ultimately, well designed panel level power management is the only way to completely protect the power integrity of sophisticated, integrated systems.

I am here to work alongside integrators to help make every system sold work better and last longer without stressing already overworked sales, design and installation teams. I am here to work with forward thinking and cutting-edge integrators as we move toward the tipping point of broad acceptance. I am excited to discuss how we can help can elevate your systems and make you the solution to the problem of delivering consistent, reliable and secure power to modern luxury homes.