Don’t call it a buying group; the Home Technology Specialists of America ‘trade consortium’ welcomes record attendance to its spring conference, where emerging technology such as Delos’ DARWIN home health/wellness platform, energy management were highlighted.

Energy Management, Voice Control Opportunities

Other priority matters HTSA addressed with conference attendees centered on other emerging tech opportunities of voice control and energy management.

Like lighting fixtures and home wellness, energy management might not be for all dealers, but HTSA’s vendor partnership with RoseWater Energy speaks to the potential of the category. The company provides an energy management hub that offers battery backup, power conditioning, surge protection, and storage for uninterruptible power to fuel all the integrated systems in a connected home – and offer an additional recurring revenue stream opportunity.

“Integrators are putting more and more automation today, meaning more and microprocessors and microprocessors hate bad power,” said Joe Piccirilli, managing director/CEO of RoseWater Energy Group. “Now a failure in a microprocessor is no longer an inconvenience of ‘my TV doesn’t work.’ Now my lights don’t turn on; if you’re installing wellness, my air is no longer clean … now the client is, with good reason, upset.”

And the client will be upset with the integrator, not the utility, Piccirilli noted. The combination of being able to protect all the precious technology in a home, with the need for improved power quality in many areas of the U.S. – thanks to things like population growth and a boom in total renovations in neighborhoods perhaps built for 1,500-square-foot residences but now home to 5,000-square-foot homes – has led to poorer power quality and overburdened power grids, he said. So RoseWater made for another good fit with HTSA members.

“There’s the David-and-Goliath effect that we call it in our area. You get these towns that are all established but then money comes in and they’re knocking down a small house and building a monster almost exceeding the plot. It’s taxing the grid,” said HTSA president Dan Paulson of Paulson’s Audio & Video in Farmington Hills, Mich. “So It’s felt like the right move to bring [RoseWater] into the group and educate the dealer and in turn educate the client.”

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