System integrators and custom installers have always been in search of a product that represents incremental business. You seek products that are not an upgrade of products you currently sell, but something new you can introduce to previous clients and something that will differentiate you when speaking to new clients. It would be a bonus if that product would also improve the performance and reliability of the products you already sell.

As our industry expanded its offerings beyond audio and video into lighting control, environmental control and ultimately whole home automation, it became clear that reliable, high quality power at the panel level is an area of vulnerability. Power issues can prevent your clients from achieving the full enjoyment of the product you install.

RoseWater Energy is committed to build the highest quality, most complete, residential energy solutions. Our products will improve power quality, improve power reliability, provide back power and intelligently manage all power inputs.  And, we even handle the installation.

Our dealers differentiate themselves by ensuring that their clients not only have high performance systems within their residences, but also high-performance power to their residences. We are certain that your clients, both new and old, will have an improved experience by adding RoseWater products to their equipment. And, the bottom line – both you and your clients profit.