Starting off their 2018 on the right foot, Home Technology Specialists of America are making a lot of positive strides.

RoseWater Partnership Means Exclusive Group Offering

With a clear interest in expanding their scope, HTSA pushed a big initiative to bring lighting initiatives to the buying group. With a new partnership, HTSA and Florida-based RoseWater Energy Group are offering its members a special program on the company’s residential power management hub solutions. HTSA members, all of whom are involved in power quality, conditioning, and energy management, will now have the industry’s highest-performance energy management solution available today via Rosewater’s original Residential Energy Storage Hub and its new HUB SB-20 solutions.

RoseWater’s hubs are designed to bring the residential consumer a level of power quality, multi-source energy connection and control, and system safety and security that before now just simply was not available. Today’s smart homes contain many energy consuming sub-systems, often with hundreds of sensitive devices attached that rely on consistently supplied pure power. Yet local utilities often struggle with the challenge of simply trying to meet dynamically surging power demands and care little about the quality of the energy delivered.

“RoseWater’s Power Management Hubs are impressive solutions that provide intelligent energy storage and management, as well as deliver the pure power that high-performance AV, lighting and home automation systems – like those that are installed every day by HTSA members – require for peak performance,” said Jon Robbins, Executive Director of Home Technology Specialists of America, Inc. “RoseWater’s solutions are the platinum standard in residential energy management and all of us at HTSA are excited to partner with a company that is as committed to maximum performance and client satisfaction as we are,”

Thanks to RoseWater’s hubs, residential users can take in energy from both their local utilities and any renewable resource (wind, solar, geothermal), store this energy in powerful battery stacks, deliver a rock-solid and stable 115-volts of pure sine-wave power to every device in their home – and fully control all of this via a simple app interface. If hit with a power outage, RoseWater hub users have hours, not minutes, to safely shut down their systems – which are fully protected from both energy spikes and voltage drop-offs.

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