After spending four days on the show floor at CEDIA 2017, and speaking with many of you, I was reminded how intimidating a very large, high-voltage device can be to custom installers and electricians alike. To that end, I decided it would be beneficial to share what Rosewater Energy Group does for our potential customers and existing clients.

For those of you that aren’t already familiar with RoseWater, our network encompasses the globe and our ever-evolving product line will service multiple applications for governments, utilities, industries and consumers. Understanding the constraints of the energy sector, we focus on both large and small applications while endlessly working with inventors, leading product innovators and manufacturers.

We’ve created propriety methods to diminish the intimidation of a large-scale device while making the process seamless and profitable.

Help with the Sale

We provide you with expert sales assistance, including detailed literature, conference calls and in-person training. We’ll also speak one-on-one with your clients, if you deem it useful. As always, if there’s literature or details you need to make your sale smoother, we’re willing to work with you to provide you with the tools you need.

“Joe is a master at his craft,” said Steve Paul of Solutions AVT. “He knows way more than he needs to, and when he doesn’t know something, he knows the guy who does. You can’t ask for much more from someone in his position. There have been too many conference calls, emails and the like to count. All necessary, not just follow-up to follow up. When something needs to be done to move the project forward, it is always a simple, ‘Yes, we can do that.’”

Data Gathering

To ensure there are no surprises when it comes to the installation date, we create detailed plans with an installation date. We’ll ask you to gather specific details, including sizes, locations, desired circuits and site viability, so our experienced team can analyze and determine the appropriate product for your client.

Interface with the Electrician

We work directly with your electrician to ensure the required panels, conduit and wiring are installed on sight. Once we’ve cleared the completion of the entire site prep, including floor anchors for bolting the HUB, we’ll set a delivery date.

“Joe Piccirilli has built a world-class team of industry experts in the field of power back up and management systems,” said Rich Green of Rich Green Designs. “His personal involvement alone gave me all the confidence I needed to move forward with the proposal. I can confidently recommend RoseWater HUB to any home owner who has issues with power consistency and quality. It is an expensive, design intensive undertaking but well worth the effort long-term.”

Equipment Delivery and Installation

The equipment is warehoused until the requested delivery date and, on the specific date, our team will be onsite to collect and remove packaging material and place the unit in the desired location.

The unit arrives pre-configured and is designed to be a plug-and-play set-up. Our team assembles the unit, wires it to the critical load panel and begins the commissioning process. We’ll put the unit through a variety of tests to ensure its performing and communicating.

“Preparation is the key, and we were prepared,” said Jeff Galea of Boca Theater and Automation. “I designed my new building’s power distribution infrastructure knowing exactly what would be powered by the HUB and where it would be located. RoseWater sent me a floor template so I could precisely work out the location and pre-drill holes in the slab to bolt the unit down. The rest of the installation was textbook – like watching a scene from a NASA control room where a team lead was reading pre-written procedural steps aloud while the other engineers were acknowledging the steps and executing them methodically. It was a complicated, but completely controlled precision operation.”

The Turnover

With the installation process complete, we instruct your team on the notifications and leave. If a need arises for technical support, RoseWater provides you with one point of reliable contact. Remote monitoring and control capabilities greatly reduce the need for service calls.

We’ve created a process that not only simplifies the path for custom installers to enter a new market, but also allows you to increase your dollar volume per customer, and increase the reliability of your installations. You have the opportunity to go back to former customers and sell them something totally new and unlike anything else on the market.

Best Regards,