AS THE DEPLOYMENT of robust home networks for clients becomes almost ubiquitous for integrators, it is elevating the need for managing power in the home more efficiently. Sure, integrators have been installing power management devices for years, but the primary sales focus has always been on creating “clean power” for A/V quality purposes.

Today, the sales pitch is primarily focused around power management for the protection and performance of the home network.

But to what extent are integrators deploying power management devices? For the first time, CE Pro conducted a Power/Energy Management Study, in conjunction with RoseWater Energy Group. In general, the results, which came from 198 responding dealers, reveal that power problems are somewhat widespread, causing service truck rolls on a semi-occasional basis.

And most times they are not being fully compensated for those powerrelated service calls. Meanwhile, dealers report they are looking for solutions to the problems, whether those answers come from surge protectors, generators, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or even energy management hubs.