Steve Paul is just fine with the fact that his customers will never see the most important advantage of using the RoseWater Energy HUB.

“The largest benefits – in my opinion – the client will never actively know about,” said Paul, chief technologist at Solutions AVT. “All of the small anomalies in power that cause problems for processors in the critical components, they simply won’t be present and the system will work more consistently and without need for reboots and such.”

The HUB is the first all-in-one residential and light commercial power-storage solution to integrate three capabilities into one platform to serve the entire energy need of one premises.

“To the client, the system will just work,” Paul said. “Imagine that.”

Until recently, most people weren’t imagining much of anything regarding the residential energy-storage market. But RoseWater saw a growing need for 24/7 power and the opportunity to “insure” the devices homeowners have invested a significant amount of money in.

For Paul, whose company offers “elemental solutions for custom integration of home theatre, home automation and residential/commercial electronics,” energy storage was a market he couldn’t ignore.

“I don’t remember exactly how I first heard about RoseWater,” Paul said, “but when I was looking at the training schedule for CEDIA 2016 and saw the RoseWater training on the docket, I knew that I had to go and learn more.”

He credits Joe Piccirilli, RoseWater’s CEO, for earning his trust even though RoseWater is a relatively new company with a new product in a new market.

“Joe is a master at his craft,” Paul said. “He knows way more than he needs to, and when he doesn’t know something, he knows the guy who does. You can’t ask for much more from someone in his position.”

Once that relationship was solidified, and Solutions AVT made the decision to include the HUB in its projects, the Rosewater team provided expert guidance, starting with the design phase.

“This project is a marathon, not a sprint,” Paul said. “Joe and the team get that and have been with us every step of the way.”

That commitment to productive communication is a cornerstone of RoseWater’s success, a fact that wasn’t lost on Paul.

“There have been too many conference calls, emails and the like to count,” he said. “All necessary, not just follow-up to follow up. When something needs to be done to move the project forward, it is always a simple “Yes, we can do that.”

A system that just works. Imagine that.