Paul Brown from Innovative Consulting and Marketing shares his thoughts on a recent sales trip he took with managing director of and founder of RoseWater, Joe Piccirilli.

Attribution: Paul Brown, Innovative Consulting and Marketing

In recent weeks, we’ve announced a partnership with RoseWater Energy Group, giving us the opportunity to provide our residential and commercial clients with access to the Energy Management HUB.

Joe Piccirilli, managing director and founder of RoseWater Energy Group, recently joined us for a few eventful days in Nevada to meet with potential customers for the Energy Management HUB. We met with solar dealers, casinos, electricians, specifiers, commercial integrators and residential integrators, and each of the potential customers were amazed by the Energy Management HUB and its features. Every individual we spoke with realized they had a project, either current or past, that could benefit from the Energy Management HUB. And, at least half of the potential customers we met with could think of at least one project that they were going to try to add the Energy Management HUB to.

Most of the integrators and professionals interacted with Joe to learn more about the respected business practices of RoseWater Energy Group, including product success stories, customer experience initiatives and more. By allowing Joe to speak with each of the potential customers individually, they could further understand the product and the experience RoseWater is committed to providing their customers. Many of my dealers called me after Joe’s visit to personally thank me for bringing RoseWater Energy Group, a product unlike anything else on the market, into the mix.

As a manufacturer representative, Joe is one of the best people to work with and brings a wealth of knowledge from years of veteran experience. We’re not only able to have in-depth conversations about RoseWater, but also discuss real business issues that representatives and distributors are facing within our industry. Joe brings a wealth of knowledge in the technology industry and his passion for RoseWater Energy Group is infectious. Joe was interested in helping our business, as well as his, grow and excel, which is something I value as a partner of RoseWater. While we did not sell an Energy Management HUB during our four days together in Nevada, I would consider it a successful week with enormous potential.